Based on PALMARY's tradition of "Pursuing Quality Perfection", combined with human engineering design and peak performance concepts, each machine fully reflects PALMARY's unmatched design and technique. 
Honeycomb type machine structure assures the best possible rigidity and stability. The machine bed is manufactured from high-quality Meehanite cast iron, heat treated and stress relieved for outstanding stability and without deformaiton.


  • High rigidity machine bed

    The design of honeycomb Tubular type machine bed and cross guideway structure for improving the higher rigidity and stability.
  • High grinding efficiency

    For end face grinding application, the wheel spindle can swivel to 22.5 degrees for easy grinding.
  • Auto. tool change system (ATC)

    Equipped with max. 6 no. grinding wheels for different diameter or accuracy requirement.
  • High precision

    The coolant flow has an isolation design from the machine bed and can reduce the heat deformation and dirt contamination on the bed.


O.D. grinding range Ø65~800 mm (GW speed 180 M/min)
Max. I.D. grinding length ~Ø225 : 275 mm ; Ø225~ : 500 mm
Max. O.D. grinding length 500 mm
Spindle swivel dia. Ø850 mm
Max. workpiece length 500 mm
Max. workpiece load 1000 kg
Wheel spindle  
Distance between spindle upper side to G.W. 670 mm
Spindle speed 1800~10000 r.p.m.
G.W. diameter Ø65~305 mm
Max. linear speed 2700 M/min
Tool holder type HSK-E100
Work spindle  
Work table size (face plate) Ø850 mm
Work spindle speed 15~150 r.p.m.
X axis speed 0~20 M/min
X axis MPG each graduation movement Ø0.0001, Ø0.001, Ø0.05mm
X axis min. setting unit Ø0.0001 mm
Z axis speed 0~20 M/min
Z axis MPG each graduation movement 0.0001, 0.001, 0.05 mm
Z axis min. setting unit 0.0001 mm
Electricity 42 KVA
Air (work pressure & useful discharge) 0.7 Mpa & 2400 NL/min
Controller FANUC
Machine dimensions  
L x W x H 3070 X 4527 X 3545 mm
Machine weight  
Net weight 13000 kg
The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.


  • FANUC CNC controller (included current gap control function) x 1
  • Fully enclosed splash guard x 1
  • Grinding wheel x 4
  • Standard HSK-E100 tool x 4
  • Single point diamond dresser x 1
  • Hydraulic system x 1
  • Coolant system x 1
  • Electric system x 1
  • Full-close loop digital scale (for X & Z axes) x 2
  • Build-in type wheel spindle x 1
  • Wheel spindle oil cooler system x 1
  • ATC system (auto. tool change system, max. 6 no. wheels) x 1
  • Ø850 mm face plate x 1
  • Wheel balancing stand x 1
  • Tools and tool box x 1


  • Ø800 mm magnetic chuck with demagnetizer
  • Specical chuck (individual design)
  • Dressing device
  • Magnetic coolant separator
  • Paper filter
  • Hydrocyclone coolant separator
  • Chiller for coolant tank