Adhering to our company's mission, the policy objectives of education and training are as follows:

  • Cooperate in providing training for industry professionals to achieve lifelong learning goals.
  • Develop courses that meet industry needs and enhance the integration of teaching and training.

Training Commitment

We are committed to ensuring training quality through systematic and professional training, nurturing, and guidance. We integrate appropriate resources provided by the government and the company to enable each colleague to acquire effective professional skills and knowledge, strengthen the content of vocational training, and encourage colleagues to actively pursue further education or develop secondary expertise as a means to enhance training quality. The TTQS (Training Quality System) is a professional guide that connects government and corporate efforts in quality training and development.

Training Objectives

01Instill corporate culture, core values, and ethical concepts in new employees and teach basic job skills.

02Cultivate proper work concepts among employees, improve service quality, and shape a positive corporate image.

03Enhance employees' professional qualities comprehensively and improve work efficiency.

04Strengthen the managerial and leadership abilities of supervisors, train excellent executives to build a sound organization.

05Align with corporate development policies and actively cultivate various talents to enhance the foundation for corporate growth.

06Align with corporate development goals and reserve and cultivate the required human resources for the future of the company.

07Align with the personnel promotion management system and employee development to establish a long-term and systematic educational training system.

Training Status

Training categories include pre-employment training, skills development, safety training, professional and technical education, and supervision and management training.

Pre-employment training :

Icon 1 Direction

Provide direction, knowledge, and information about the company's products, services, and history.

Icon 2 Business

Provide information on the organization's policies and business operations.

Icon 3 Staff

Familiarize employees with new work equipment, procedures, and methods.

Icon 4 Welfare

Introduce the company's management system, welfare measures, and work environment.

Technical development:

  • When work methods change or new equipment and operational processes are introduced.

Safety training:

  • To prevent accidents or damages, learn safe methods of operation.
  • Gain knowledge of materials and raw materials, and understand their handling methods.

Professional and technical education:

  • Avoid being stuck in habitual behavior, prevent technological lag, and provide regular education and training to keep employees updated in concepts and skills.

Supervisory and management training:

  • To develop and implement accurate administrative decision-making, plans, and strategies.
  • To enhance operational organizational capabilities and efficiency required for driving organizational activities.
  • Knowledge of monitoring, auditing, improvement methods, etc.

Training Blueprint:

Training Activity