OCD 3225cam ocd-3260cam

Cylindrical Grinder

OCD-3225CAM / 3240CAM / 3260CAM / 32100CAM


CNC Series

250 / 400 / 600 / 1000 mm

Distance between centers

Ø320 mm

Swivel over table

Ø300 mm

Max. external grinding dia.


For various eccentric circle or non-round shape workpieces grinding purpose, PALMARY develop CNC Cylindrical Grinder Cam Type for easily transfer from workpiece drawing to grinding program. The workhead could offer precise angle control due to the C axis has accurate angle encoder.


Work spindle

The working spindle carried with precision angle decoder, high resolution of angle control.


Feed axis

The infeed axis is driven by linear motor with linear guideway & close loop linear scale, it could avoid the backlash in order to reach high machining precision. Also, it could prevent the reaction force causing by linear motor under the large acceleration and deceleration motion, it could stabilize the grinding process.


Various cylindircal grinder functions

Retaining various functions of CNC cylindrical grinder, and applicable to angle and speed control.


C axis angle control

Main Structure of the CNC cylindrical grinder, when in combination with angle control of spindle by C axis (built-in spindle motor), is capable of grinding various special shaped workpiece.



Model OCD-3225CAM OCD-3240CAM OCD-3260CAM OCD-32100CAM
Swivel over table Ø320 mm
Distance between centers 250 mm 400 mm 600 mm  1000 mm
Max. external grinding diameter Ø300 mm
Max. load of centers 150 kgs
Grinding wheel
O.D. x width x I.D. Ø355 x 50 x Ø127 mm Ø355 x 50 x Ø127 mm Ø355 x 50 x Ø128 mm Ø355 x 50 x Ø129 mm
Linear velocity 45 M/s
Grinding wheel head
Auto. rapid advance 4 m/min
Max. stroke 257 mm
Min. setting unit 0.001 (0.0001) mm
Auto. rapid advance 4 m/min
Max. stroke 586 mm 586 mm 826 mm 1316 mm
Min. input increment 0.001 (0.0001) mm
Swivel angle 0° ~ 12°  0° ~ 12°  0° ~ 12°  0° ~ 10° 
Work spindle head
Swivel angle -30° ~ +90° 
Center taper M.T. No. 4
Spindle speed (variable) 10~500 r.p.m.
Max. load of spindle (tool holder included) 35 kgs (max. length: 150 mm)
Taper center M.T. No. 4
Stroke 25 mm
Fine adjustment range ±0.03 mm
Wheel spindle 3.7 kW (4P)
Workhead spindle 5.2 kW (AC Servo Motor)
Wheelhead feed 3.6 kW (AC Servo Motor)
Table feed 3.6 kW (AC Servo Motor)
Hydro-static hydraulic pump 0.75 kW (6P)
Wheel spindle lubricant pump 0.18 kW (2P)
Coolant pump 0.18 kW (4P)
Ballscrew lubrication Auto lubricator (LUBE)
Tank Capacity
Wheel spindle lubrication tank 12 L
Lubrication tank 60 L
Ballscrew lubrication tank 0.7 L
Coolant tank 100 L
Machine weight
New weight 3400 kgs 3400 kgs 4250 kgs 5300 kgs

The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.

  • NUM controller x 1
  • Fully enclosed splash guard x 1
  • Grinding wheel and flange x 1
  • Flange extractor x 1
  • Grinding wheel inverter x 1
  • Diamond tool holder (fixed type) x 1
  • Micro adjustment tailstock x 1
  • Linear scale (for X & C axes) x 1
  • Carbide tipped work centers (2 pcs/set) x 1
  • Electric system x 1
  • Hydraulic tank with pump x 1
  • Coolant tank with pump x 1
  • Work lamp x 1
  • Tools (Leveling pad) and tool box x 1
  • Cam-locked type driving dog (6 pcs/set)
  • Work holders
  • 2-point steady rest
  • 3-point steady rest
  • Adjustable 3-jaw scroll chuck 7"
  • Adjustable 4-jaw scroll chuck 8"
  • Automatic grinding wheel balancer
  • Vibration meter for manual grinding wheel balancing
  • Wheel balancing stand & arbor (for 32 series)
  • Spare grinding wheel flange
  • Hydraulic tailstock (for 32 series)
  • Electroplated diamond roller dressing device (connecting with workhead by flange)
  • CBN wheel Ø400 x 16 x 152.4 mm
  • Gap control
  • Touch probe gauge
  • Oil mist collector
  • CAD/CAM software
  • Magnetic coolant separator 160 L/min
  • Paper filter 160 L/min with 260 L Tank
  • Hydrocyclone coolant separator HC-B3
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