The design of this CNC Angular Approach type Centerless grinder provides high precision, flexibility and compactness. Each machine from PALMARY presents the outstanding accuracy as you have come to expect. That is why PALMARY's centerless grinders are fully recognized by worldwide customers.


  • Plunge grinding applications

    Angular approach centerless machines are used in some multiform plunge grinding applications which require to achieve tight tolerance accuracies.
  • Hybrid approach

    This hybrid approach also allows us to grind faces or shoulders where straight-head type centerless grinder do not.
  • Bearing type spindles

    Grinding wheel and regulating wheel are bearing type spindles for higher rigidity. During grinding process, the stress is even on two ends to avoid taper shaped workpieces.
  • CNC controller

    The 4 axes CNC control of Grinding wheel auto. Infeed, Regulating wheel auto. Infeed, Grinding wheel auto. dressing (vertical) and Workrest stopper control, to satisfy requests for customized specification.

Special Purpose Grinder


Max. grinding diameter Ø10 mm
Grinding Wheel  
O.D. x width x I.D. Ø355 x 50 x Ø177.8 mm
Grinding wheel linear velocity 2300 M/min
Grinding wheel motor 1.5 kW servo motor
Regulating wheel  
O.D. x width x I.D. Ø205 x 50 x Ø101.6 mm
Regulating wheel speed 10~300 r.p.m.
Regulating wheel tilt angle +2° ~ -2°
Regulating wheel motor 0.55 kW Tc:1.75 Nm
Regulating wheel swivel angle 0
Hand wheel  
Regulating wheel feeding movement 1.25 mm / rev. ; 0.01 mm / graduation
G.W. dressing motor 0.5 HP x 4 P
G.W. lower slider feed motor 0.55 kW Tc:1.75 Nm
G.W. axis (Z axis) feed motor 0.55 kW Tc:1.75 Nm
R.W. lower slider feed motor 0.55 kW Tc:1.75 Nm
R.W. axis (B axis) feed motor Reducer servo motor single phase: 110 V / 60 Hz / 0.48 A/ 46 W
Workpiece stopper drive motor 0.55 kW Tc:1.75 Nm
Coolant pump motor 1/4 HP x 2 P
Machine weight  
Net weight 2500 kg
The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.