CNC Centerless Grinder

PCB-6020GF-4 / 6025GF-4


CNC Series

Dia. Ø2~80

Standard grinding range (mm)

Ø610 x 205/255 x Ø304.8

Grinding wheel size (mm)

Ø330 x 205/255 x Ø152.4

Regulating wheel size (mm)


The two slides design centerless grinder is suitable for long bar outer diameter grinding application. The advantages include the work rest fixed in the machine which enable better grinding accuracies for its stability. The grinding wheel spindle single bearing holding type equipped.



High grinding accuracy and high rigidity design for 4 axes CNC Centerless Grinder bearing spindle type.

The best configuration for machine bed and structural support ribs makes the grinding accuracies has high stability. The grinding wheel spindle single bearing holding type equipped with super precision cylindrical roller bearings for the highest rigidity requirement.

Double-side slides design allows to equip the infeed grinding type device, also could arrange the optional high speed auto loading & unloading attachment.

The customs design loading device and outer diameter measuring device are also possible as optional for best functional performance.




Model PCB-6020GF-4 PCB-6025GF-4
Grinding Wheel
Standard grinding range (dia.) Ø2~Ø80 mm (OPT. Ø70~Ø150 mm)
Grinding wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.) Ø610 x 205 x Ø304.8 mm Ø610 x 255 x Ø304.8 mm
Linear velocity 45 M/s
Dressing device Single-point dressing device / (opt.) Diamond roller dressing device
Regulating Wheel
Regulating wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.) Ø330 x 205 x Ø152.4 mm Ø330 x 255 x Ø152.4 mm
Regulating wheel speed 10~200 r.p.m. (variable speed)
Regulating wheel tilt angle ±5°
Regulating wheel swivel angle ±0.5°
Regulating wheel dressing device swivel angle ±5°
Dressing device OFFSET 0~15 mm
G.W. device Slide Square slide, Ball screw + reducer + linear scale (opt.)
R.W. device Slide Dovetail slide, Ball screw + reducer
Grinding wheel motor 40HP / 2000 r.p.m. (29.8 kW) IE4
Regulating wheel motor 3 kW servo motor
Coolant motor 0.186 (wheel cooling) / 0.093 (dressing cooling) 
G.W. lubrication Oil mist type
R.W. lubrication Oil grease type
Slide lubrication Auto lubricator (LUBE)
Coolant tank 125 L 140 L
Grinding wheel spindle lubrication system 1.0 L
Table slide lubrication 4 L
New weight 6500 kgs

The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.


  • FANUC CNC controller x 1
  • Regulating wheel and flange x 1
  • Grinding wheel and flange x 1
  • Thrufeed work rest x 1
  • Thrufeed carbide blade x 1
  • Infeed work rest x 1
  • Infeed carbide blade x 1
  • Diamond tools (4 pcs/set) x 1
  • Electric system x 1
  • Lubrication system for spindle x 1
  • Coolant tank with pump x 1
  • Work lamp x 1
  • Tools (Leveling pad) and tool box x 1


  • Diamond roller device
  • Diamond roller
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
  • Wheel balancing stand and arbor
  • JIB crane for grinding wheel change
  • Linear scale
  • Auto in-process gauge
  • Auto loading and unloading system
  • Magnetic coolant separator
  • Paper filter
  • Hydrocyclone coolant separator
  • Oil mist collector
  • Water cooler

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