The new CNC internal Grinding Machine from PALMARY features optimal structural design, and an elegant appearance combined with advanced CNC control. The all new series will bring internal grinding technology into a new era.

The structural parts of the machine are manufactured from high quality cast iron for deformation-free performance year after year. The entire machine is precision built throughout to guarantee the best possible grinding accuracy you can find anywhere.


  • Grinding application (for OIG-200DE)

    One internal wheel spindle plus one external wheel spindle model for your different application requirement. It's capable of grinding internal hole, end face and outer diameter at one time setting.
  • Automatic operation

    To meet mass production requirements, automatic loading and unloading equipment is available to provide a fully automatic operation.
  • Slide table

    The slides move on roller type linear guideways for increasing smoothness & stable movement.
  • Upgrade positioning accuracy

    The feed axis is equipped with optical scale to upgrade positioning accuracy.


Max. external grinding diameter Ø200 mm
Max. internal grinding diameter (I.D.: length = 1.3) Ø150 mm
Max. workpiece length 200 mm
Internal wheel spindle (Z axis)  
Spindle outer diameter Ø90 mm
Linear velocity 2000 M/min
Spindle speed 10000~50000 r.p.m.
External wheel spindle (Y axis)  
O.D. x width x I.D. Ø355 X 38 X Ø127 mm
Swivel angle (manual) 0゜ and 15゜
Spindle speed 1500 ~ 4500 r.p.m.
Max. table traverse 500 mm
Max. table feed 5 M/min
Min. setting unit 0.001 mm
Work spindle  
Spindle speed 0~800 r.p.m.
Max. load (incl. chuck device) 35 kg (max. length 150 mm)
Min. setting unit 0.001 mm
Workhead swivel Clockwise 7° ~ anticlockwise 8° (manual)
Z axis wheel spindle motor 2.25 (4 P) kW
Y axis wheel spindle motor 3.75 (4 P) kW
Work spindle motor 0.75 kW
B axis swivel device 0.75 kW
X axis infeed table motor 1.8 kW
Z axis infeed table motor 1.8 kW
Y axis infeed table motor 1.8 kW
Hydraulic pump motor 0.75 (6 P) kW
Coolant pump motor 0.375 (4 P) kW
Controller FANUC
Machine weight  
Net weight 6000 kg
The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.


  • CNC controller x 1
  • Hydraulic system x 1
  • Coolant system x 1
  • Diamond dresser x 1
  • Fully enclosed splash guard x 1
  • Belt tension auto. adjustment x 1
  • Linear scale (X axis) x 1
  • Grinding wheel spindle (alternative of 10000~50000 r.p.m.) x 1. External grinding wheel spindle x 1 (OIG-200DE only)
  • Tools and tool box x 1


  • Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck
  • 3-jaw scroll chuck
  • Magnetic coolant separator
  • Paper filter
  • Quick fixtures for gears
  • Wheelhead oil lubricator
  • Spare G.W. spindle
  • Rotary dresser for CBN wheel
  • Soft jaw machining device
  • Gap control
  • Oil mist collector