If you are serious about grinding accuracy and efficiency, the centerless grinders from PALMARY will meet your stringent challenges. The NC-controlled model is quality constructed throughout for delivering the operational performance that you expect.

The machine structure is manufactured from high-quality Meehanite cast iron, heat treated and stress relieved before machining, to make sure the high rigidity.


  • Precision spindles

    The GW spindle and the RW spindle are precision machined and made from alley steel, processed with normalization, aging, and heat treatment, then proceed to sub-zero treatment, finally finished after precision machining and grinding.
  • Feed screw

    The feed screw is manufactured from alloy steel. It's also normailzed, high frequency harden and precision ground in order to have high feeding accuracy and excellent wear resistance.
  • Pressure switch

    When starting the GW and RW spindle, this pressure switch allows starting only when oil enters into bearings thereby providing safety protection for the spindle bearings.
  • Lubrication system

    The automatic lubricator provides lubrication to the GW spindle. Also all slideways are lubricated by a centerlized lubrication system, ensuring proper lubrication and feeding accuracy.


Grinding wheel  
Standard grinding range (dia.) Ø1~80 mm
Capacity increases with special arrangement Ø40~150 mm
Grinding wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.) Ø510 x 205 x Ø304.8 mm
Grinding wheel speed 1200 r.p.m.
Grinding wheel motor 20 HP x 4P
Regulating wheel  
Regulating wheel size (O.D. x width x I.D.) Ø305 x 205 x Ø127 mm
Regulating wheel speed    10~300 r.p.m. (variable)
Regulating wheel motor 5 kW servo motor
Regulating wheel tilt angle +5° ~ -3°
Regulating wheel swivel angle ±5°
Handwheel graduation  
Upper slide feed graduation 3.5 mm/rev. ; 0.05 mm/graduation
Upper slide micro-feed graduation 0.1 mm/rev. ; 0.001 mm/graduation
Lower slide feed graduation 9 mm/rev. ; 0.05 mm/graduation
Trimming device graduation 2mm/rev. ; 0.01 mm/graduation
Hydraulic pump motor 1 HP x 4P
Coolant motor 1/4 HP x 2P
Machine dimension  
L x W x H 2350 x 1900 x 1530 mm
New weight 3600 kg
The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.


  • Regulating wheel and flange x 1
  • Grinding wheel and flange x 1
  • Infeed work rest and carbide blade x 1
  • Thrufeed work rest and carbide blade x 1
  • Electric system x 1
  • Hydraulic system x 1
  • Coolant system x 1
  • Diamond tools x 2
  • Work lamp x 1
  • Tools and tool box x 1


  • Wheel balancing stand and arbor
  • Auto. infeed attachment
  • Manual feeder for infeed grinding (up and down)
  • Hydraulic work ejector (infeed grinding)
  • Auto. loading attachment (thrufeed grinding) (Ø5~20 mm, L100~600 mm)
  • Auto. feeder for thrufeed grinding (hopper type) (Ø2~8 mm, L50~180 mm)
  • Auto. unloading attachment (thrufeed grinding)
  • V type supporter for long bar grinding (Ø2~14 mm)
  • Profile grinding attachment
  • Magnetic coolant separator
  • Magnetic with paper filter
  • Hydrocyclone coolant separator
  • Auto. loading and unloading attachment (infeed grinding)
  • Vibratory feeder (thrufeed grinding)
  • Large work rest (thrufeed grinding) L : 250~500 mm