CNC cylindrical grinder is designed with high efficiency, high accuracy and maximum operational convenience in mind. 
The machine structure design fully meets ergonomic theorem for user-friendly operations. Rigid and stable construction, as well as a special wheel spindle design are combined with advanced CNC control to make cylindrical grinding easier and more accurate than ever before.


  • High accuracy

    To proceed the grinding for internal dia., external dia. & end face at one time clamping, this high efficiency machine could not only shorten cycle time but also provide higher concentricity accuracy.
  • Swivel wheel axis

    The swivel wheelhead (B axis) was driven automatically and has the min. setting angle which allows the prompt position and superior grinding accuracy results.
  • Position accuracy

    The wheelhead swivel position accuracy could be less than 1" (the angle unit : 1 second) for the customer's high accuracy requirements.
  • Wheel types

    Machine could equip with 2 no. grinding wheels (OCD-M2 series) or 3 no. grinding wheels (OCD-M3 series) for kinds of different industry & application need.


Max. swing over table Ø320 mm
Distance between centers 650 mm
Max. grinding diameter Ø300 mm
Max. load held between centers 150 kg
O.D. wheel (straight type)  
O.D. x width x I.D. Ø510 x 50 x Ø203.2 mm
Linear velocity 45 M/s
O.D. wheel (angular type)  
O.D. x width x I.D. Ø510 x 75 x Ø203.2 mm
Linear velocity 45 M/s
I.D. wheel spindle  
G. W. speed 14000~30000 r.p.m.
G. W. diameter Ø43~60 mm
G.W. max. linear velocity 2700 M/min
B axis wheelhead swivel base  
Swivel angle -40° ~ +220°
Repeatability accuracy < 1" (arc sec)
Swivel time 0° ~ 180° < 3s
Min. setting angle 0.0003°
X axis wheelhead  
Rapid moving 6 M/min
Min. setting value 0.001 (opt. 0.0001) mm
Z axis table  
Rapid moving 6 M/min
Min. setting value 0.001 (opt. 0.0001) mm
Swivel angle 0° ~ 8.5°
Center MT. 4
Spindle speed 10~300 r.p.m.
Swivel angle -30° ~ +90°
Center MT. 4
Tailstock stroke 35 mm
Controller FANUC
G.W. spindle 5.5 kW 4P (7.5 HP)
I.D. spindle (build-in type) 15 kW
B axis wheelhead swivel base (servo motor) 0.75 kW (1.0 HP) Tc : 2.0 Nm
X axis wheelhead (servo motor) 1.6 kW (2.1 HP) Tc : 8.0 Nm
Z axis table (servo motor) 1.6 kW (2.1 HP) Tc : 8.0 Nm
Workhead spindle (servo motor) 1.6 kW (2.1 HP) Tc : 8.0 Nm
Hydraulic lubrication pump 0.75 kW 4 P (1.0 HP)
Hydraulic system 0.18 kW 4 P (0.24 HP)
Coolant tank 60 L
Hydraulic tank 42 L
Build-in type spindle coolant tank 15 L
Machine dimensions  
L x W x H 3700 x 3995 x 2227 mm
Machine weight  
Net weight 10000 kg (estimated)
OCD-M2 choose 2 no. grinding wheels. OCD-M3 choose 3 no. grinding wheels.
The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.


  • Fanuc CNC controller x 1
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
  • Grinding wheel & grinding wheel flange for M2 series x 2, for M3 series x 3
  • Diamond tool holder (table mounted type) x 1
  • Carbide tipped work centers x 2
  • Coolant system x 1
  • Hydraulic system x 1
  • Work lamp x 1
  • Tools and tool box x 1


  • Cam locked driving dogs (6 pcs/set)
  • Work holder (2 pcs/set)
  • 2-point steady rest
  • Adjustable 3-point steady rest
  • Adjustable 3-jaw scroll chuck
  • Adjustable 4-jaw chuck
  • Magnetic coolant separator
  • Paper filter
  • Auto. grinding wheel balancer (for OD wheel)
  • Wheel balancing stand and arbor
  • Touch probe gauge
  • Gap & crash control
  • Auto. in-process gauge
  • Oil mist collector
  • Spare grinding wheel and grinding wheel flange
  • Hydraulic tailstock